I went to update my blog and realized that I don’t even have a folder for pictures in November.  I didn’t even take any pictures of our family during the whole month!  I feel like I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon, but maybe I can get back on track now.  I don’t even remember doing anything out of the ordinary in November, so we’ll skip ahead to December!

The month of December felt really jumbled together this year for some reason.  Joe was tied up with organizing the Giving Tree project at church, and between church meetings, our normal day-to-day schedule, and some sickness throughout the month, a lot of our annual traditions didn’t get done.  I feel really sad that we didn’t do our Polar Express night, or make gingerbread houses, or even go see Santa at his house in Idaho Falls.  (We did try to do that one, but the kids agreed that they didn’t want to stop the night we were there.  Stop growing up!)  I consoled myself that Reese had just visited with him at school and our ward party, and even though I don’t want to admit it, Easton feels too grown up for that now.


We did manage to squeeze in a lot of good things when we were all together though.  We painted some fun pine cones to deliver secretly to a few neighbors, and the kids’ new favorite thing is dropping things off anonymously at people’s doorsteps, ringing the bell and running away.  I taught my kids to dingdong ditch, haha!  I helped out at the Christmas Tree Fantasy at the beginning of the month, and had fun in the kitchen with my friend Bonnie and a bunch of others on the night of the fancy High Tea dinner.  Our family still made it to to my parents house to decorate sugar cookies, and we went to visit the Christmas Tree Village at Wendy Hoge’s house.  Those things are on our absolute must-do list every year.




The kids did tons of melty bead projects, along with lots of My Little Pony and Pokemon cards, Skylander’s, and Legos while they’ve been out for Christmas vacation.  Today is the last day of their vacation before heading back to school tomorrow, and they’re using the time by playing Wii Party.  It’s really been a great month, minus the sickness, and it looks like we’re ready for 2015 as soon as I get the Christmas decorations boxed up.  Maybe tomorrow.  🙂


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