Christmas Morning

Christmas this year was amazing, and I feel completely spoiled.  Like, I don’t even have much of a wishlist anymore because it was that good.  I can’t get rid of a feeling of guilt that we were blessed with so much this year, especially after feeling humbled by a few experiences that showed us how other people in this area are spending their Christmas.  It really struck Joe and I hard to see just how blessed we really are, and I hope that we don’t ever take that for granted.  That feels so deep for me, but I can’t stop thinking about it.


We had our own little Christmas at home in the morning… I finally let myself wake everyone up at 6 a.m. after a loooong night of waiting for it to be time.  🙂  Then we went out to my parents house around 8:00.  It was so much fun to share the morning with them, and I’m happy that Cody’s family could be there too.  We just needed Shy’s family!


I promised I wouldn’t post a picture of Sierra, but the big news is that she let me take a picture of her!  This is HUGE!!  We all got so many fun things, but this heated throw from my parents is at the top of my most loved list.  It’s SO wonderful to be cuddled up and warm in the evenings!



It’s totally normal that my family keeps a Halloween skeleton out to decorate for Christmas, right?  Also, seeing the cat reminds me that I tried to take a little nap later in the day where Joe is seated, and just as I drifted off, that crazy cat used my head to jump off of as she made her way to the floor!  Scared the poop out of me!  Joe was watching the whole thing and couldn’t stop laughing about it.


Dad was pretty proud that he picked out this sentimental throw all by himself to give to my mom.  He gets bonus points because she doesn’t have a blanket with the words actually ON the blanket itself.  🙂





I’m so thankful that my family is so close by us!  We miss Shy and her family so much, but at least we got to Skype them and visit for a while through that.  Maybe we can all be together next year.  I hope!


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