Christmas Breakfast

We have a tradition every year where my dad makes Christmas breakfast for all of the family that wants to come out.  We all LOVE it, and I look forward to his omelets all year long.  There are omelets, pancakes, ham, sausage… so many good things that I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  It’s my favorite family tradition ever.


My brother Cody was helping out with all of the food, and so did mom and Joe.  I think mom said they fed almost 40 people!



There have been years when the roads were too bad and not as many were able to come, but this year was a big turnout and it was good to catch up with my cousins and relatives that could come.


This is my cousin Scott and his girlfriend Brittani.


My cousin Casey


My uncle Rick


My mom was on video camera duty.


My cousin Clint and aunt Deona


My cousin Conner, aunt Danielle, and uncle Russ



My dad’s mom, my grandma Bodean


Two crazies wrestling around the living room.



None of our family get-togethers would be complete without them whipping out a few strategy mind games to play.  I’d be excited if it was something like the Game of Things, Taboo, or maybe even Creationary, but they like intense, deep-thinking zombie stuff.  My brain doesn’t work that way, so instead I took a nap.  lol!


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