Halloween 2014

We ended up going to several parties during the week of Halloween, and had a good time at all of them! The kids and I went to the ward carnival and dinner, but Joe had to work and couldn’t get off in time to come over.  The Taufu’i family were out of the town and asked us to run their Plinko booth (fun!) and then we had chilli and cornbread for dinner.  I felt a little lost without Joe being there, but it worked out okay.  I dressed up like a rag doll again this year, Easton was Captain America, and Reese was a Rio bird!

IMG_9546resizedI feel bad that I didn’t get any pictures of the kids together in their costumes this year, but ended up taking some at the Spook Parade at school so at least we have some of them.  The picture above is Reese with her friends Anna and Olivia.  CUTE!!

IMG_9322resizedEaston kept reassuring me that I didn’t need to come upstairs and help him get ready because he could do it himself.  When did this kid get so independent?!

IMG_9328resizedDid I mention that he doesn’t want me to go on his field trip with him??  I asked if he would be embarrassed and he said ‘maybe.’  Maybe, as in YES!!  I’m a little (lot)  crushed, but people keep telling me that this is the age when that happens.  I don’t like it.  Also, I feel extra bad because I know he doesn’t want me to come on the field trip but his teacher practically pleaded for me to come because no other parents in her class have signed up to go.  I don’t want to embarrass him… but I might end up doing it anyway.  Maybe I’ll just wear the curlers and ditch the bathrobe…?  😉

IMG_9583resizedMy friend Dara is teaching 1st grade this year and I passed her on my way out to take pictures of the parade.  She and her little boy are so cute!



We also saw our neighbors the Malm’s while they were waiting to see their kids.

IMG_9576resizedAnd Suri was the cutest Dorothy, with her little flying monkey brother close by, haha!

IMG_9603resizedI really liked how they took the kids for a parade down the street instead of through the crowded halls like they usually do.  The weather was perfect!  The only bad part was that some of the kids had a hard time walking so far in their costumes, and I heard one little girl say that she got huge blisters on her poor Elsa-heeled feet!

IMG_9611resizedLater that evening we took the kids to the Trunk or Treat at the church parking lot, and then stopped by a few neighbor’s houses.  This was the first year that we stopped by the Pirate Ship just a few houses down from us, and we loved it!  I have pictures on the ipod and I’ll try to add them later.  We came home and watched the new “Sherman and Mr. Peabody” dvd that just came out and had homemade caramel popcorn.  Our friends the Opheiken’s stopped by for a few minutes, and so did Todd, Tammy, and Shayna.  We had a great Halloween!



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