Daddy Daughter Date

Reesie and Joe went on their first Daddy Daughter Date a few weeks ago!  The choir at the high school was doing a fundraiser and this is what they chose to do to raise money.  Such a great idea!  I can remember going on a daddy daughter date with my dad and we had to dress up like hobos, haha!  We wore old plaid shirts and carried sticks with a knapsack tied to the end.  My mom even darkened our faces with makeup so we looked scruffy.  I think I can remember eating pork and beans with cut up hotdogs on blankets on the floor. I know that we had a picture from that night but it’s at my mom’s house somewhere.


Reese was so excited to get ready, and she even let me curl her hair!  She knew exactly which dress she wanted to wear, and then spent some extra time picking out her jewelry.  She chose some of my Lemon Sugar and Coconut body spray, and we put a little pink shimmer makeup on her eyes and lips.  Joe hurried home from work to get ready, and then he sneaked around to the front door and knocked so Reese could open the door and get her flowers.  My heart was melting at how happy and smiley she was!

IMG_9353resizedIMG_9367resizedIMG_9357resizedIMG_9359resizedThey were gone for 2 hours and came home pretty exhausted from their big night.  It was held on the stage at the BPAC (Blackfoot Performing Arts Center) and Joe said there were tons of people there.  They played Pin the Lips on the Frog, made a crown, did a balloon pop, and had treats.  They had waited in line for about an hour to get Reese’s face painted with a dolphin on her cheek, and she was sad when we had to wash it off when they got home!

IMG_9368resizedI’m so happy that they were able to have a fun night together, and Easton and I got to watch a new movie on Netflix that he hadn’t seen before.  We also had Doritos and some mini candy bars…so it was a pretty good night for all of us!


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