First day of school

My kidlets started back to school 2 weeks ago, and I think they’re both pretty excited to be back.  Easton is in 5th grade (big man on campus now!) and Reese is in 2nd.





Reese wanted to hop on the bus on the first day, but Easton asked me to take them to school.  (I think he just asked me because he knew I wanted to be there with them!)  I ended up taking them both, but Easton took off on his own while I was helping Reese get situated.  She didn’t need me, but as a mom it made me feel better to pretend like she wanted me there.  Her teacher had white “magic” play-doh in bags that turned colors as they squished it.  Fun!

IMG_8616resizedI went to Easton’s classroom, and I think he was checking to see if there was room in his desk to crawl in and hide from me.  I probably shouldn’t have embarrassed him by going in to take a picture, but I just can’t help myself!

IMG_8622resizedThey got out early for the first two days of school.  Last year they were only on the bus for about 10 minutes before it dropped them off.  I wanted to get a picture of them getting off the bus, so Joe and I went outside in the 85 degree weather and waited…

IMG_8630resizedand waited….

IMG_8627resizedand waited…

IMG_8632resizedfor about 45 minutes.  Joe had given up and gone inside long before I did.  We watched four buses go past our house, and then one of them finally stopped down the road.

IMG_8633resizedWouldn’t you know that a garbage truck pulled up just in time to block my shot of the kids getting off the bus on their first day!!  lol

IMG_8637resizedThey had a great first day!  🙂


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