Happy Campers

So, my little family and I are definitely not “campers”.  We don’t like creepy bugs crawling on us, or itchy pollen making us sneeze, or questionable sounds in the night that might, or might not be, a neighborhood moose strolling a few feet away from us while we sleep on the cold, hard ground.  (There truly was a moose that was spotted just down the road from our house a few weeks ago!  Not to mention the racoons and skunks that love the pasture behind our house!)  haha!

Anyway, all of this to finally say that we actually did IT!  My little family and I braved the wild and slept outside in a tent!  We didn’t plan on going to Family Camp with the scouts this year.  Then, we decided we should at least go to the Arrow of Light ceremony for some of Easton’s scout buddies.  Then, about an hour before we were supposed to be there, we decided to borrow a tent and some sleeping bags from our neighbor and just do it!

IMG_8099resizedWe got the tent set up and had time to eat before they started the ceremony for the scouts.  The boys hadn’t received any awards for the last 3 months, so all of the boys got a big bag full of their awards.  Easton seemed especially excited about his compass award.  I was happy to have friends there that I could visit with, and Easton and Reese had a good time running around outside of the shelter with all of the other kids.  Reese’s best buddy Kiera was even there for a few hours!


I really liked having the shelter with the fire pit, and there were even bathrooms haha!  Not really roughing it exactly, but it was just enough “wilderness” for newbies like us.  lol.







Don’t shoot me, Craig and Diana!  You guys are just too cute.

We went to our tent a little after 11 pm, but it was really loud with kids playing “Ghosts in the Graveyard” until midnight or so.  We brought some snacks and had a little midnight feast, which made Reese really happy.  We didn’t get a lot of sleep, but we survived our night in the wild.  Reese had kicked off her sleeping bag in the night and cuddled up with us in the morning to warm up.  She was frozen!



Easton headed out of the tent early to check out the breakfast situation and report back to us.  I love that he has a smile on his face 99% of the time!

IMG_8139resizedHe had fun entertaining us with his shadows.  His crazy morning hair is the best.  🙂



Reese was showing us the proper way to exit a tent.  lol!

IMG_8153resizedWe had a pretty good time.



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