Changing Tires

I walked outside the other evening to find Joe and Easton changing the tires on the chevy.  These are some of my most favorite pictures ever of these two, I’m pretty sure.



IMG_7268resizedToday is really hot… too hot to go outside, so we’re trying to find things to do inside today.  The kids are playing Legos in Reese’s bedroom, and I’ve been (kind of) working on my lesson for Relief Society.  Mostly I’ve been on Facebook and Instagram.  Scrolling my life away!


IMG_7286resizedI drank a V8 juice around 10 this morning, so I feel like I’ve done my healthy thing for the day.  Lol!  We’ve actually been playing a lot of badminton, and even some tennis, when it cools off in the evenings.  Easton finished his tennis lessons for the summer and he’s talked us into taking him to the tennis courts and playing a few evenings.  We all really like it, so hopefully we can do more of that while the weather is still nice.  Reese’s favorite thing to do is still riding her bike every chance she gets.







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