Karate kick to the sprinkler!!  WahhhTAAAAAH!!


IMG_6959resizedBored.  I’m so incredibly bored right now.  My kids and Joe are all outside again, but it’s still pretty dang hot out there and since the seat of our swing ripped out we don’t have anywhere to sit except for the trampoline… which is occupied haha!  The neighbors two houses down from us are having another fiesta tonight, and we can hear their live band that’s a repeat from yesterday.  Or maybe it’s a different band, I’m not sure.  It’s kinda nice to hear the music out there though.  It gives our place a special festive ambiance, haha!


IMG_6985resizedI should be using this time to be super productive and clean our nasty floors or something.  But family history is pretty important so I’m going to keep working on my blog.

IMG_6984resizedIt’s funny that as soon as I say that I’m bored the kids come pouring into the house and all of a sudden I’m not so bored.  Guess it’s time to get them ready for bed, or reading, or something.





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