Scout Mountain

I’m not sure the last time I’ve been to Scout Mountain, but it’s been a long, long time…(way before kids!)  Joe and I had been talking about it, and last week he decided to surprise us all with a drive up there.  It was so beautiful!  The sunshine, the butterflies, the fresh air….ahhhh!  We needed it.  Just breathing the fresh air makes you feel healthy when you’re up in the mountains!

IMG_6686resizedIMG_6687resizedThere were some windy roads, but luckily no one got too carsick during the drive.

IMG_6718resizedWe went on a couple of very short “hikes” on the paved trails.  Reese was hopping and skipping with joy until a cluster of gnats surrounded her, and then she started getting anxious and asking when we were going to leave.  We moved to a different trail with butterflies and she was magically happy again.  🙂

IMG_6704resizedMost of the campsites were on the small side, but there was one for 30+ people that you have to reserve.  The campground manager was there and told us it was okay to hike up the trail and take a look at it.  It looks like lots of fun for a big hot dog roast and some s’mores!



IMG_6712resizedA plaque informed us that someone had built this little bench and look-out area for their Eagle Project.  I bet it was a lot of work to do it all!


IMG_6720resizedThis picture was taken on one side of the little valley, and the next few are from the other side.  If you look at this next picture we went over to the far left of this picture on the other side of the valley.  Does that even make sense?  Probably not much.  Reese has her shoulders scrunched up looking a little nervous because she might have heard a bee.


IMG_6730resizedIn this next picture I yelled out for us all to do something crazy.  Easton was contemplating his next move (?), and Joe was being BigFoot.  I accidentally cut his legs out of the frame or it probably would have been completely obvious.  haha!  Reese was a ballerina and I was Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music.  (As if I even needed to tell anyone!!)




IMG_6750resizedThe kids wanted to grab a couple of rocks for their collections before we left.  Reese had picked out one that was halfway up that looked like it was made of gold, but it was also huge and halfway buried in the hill so she settled for this one.

IMG_6754resizedIMG_6762resizedIMG_6766resizedOn the way back through the town we saw a couple of deer and had to stop to get a picture of them too.

IMG_6776resizedIMG_6778resizedThe days when we can just get out of the house and explore someplace new are always our favorites!



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