I’m taking the summer off work to be at home with my kids.  Did I already mention that?  I can’t remember.  RMPT had a few people there that will be starting classes in the fall, and it worked out perfectly so I can be home with my kids instead of worrying about hiring a babysitter, and then I’ll go back to work when their classes start.  I’ve been so lucky that both Brandon and Deidra have been willing to work around my schedule with kids!

IMG_6405resizedWe’re already into the first day of July, and we’ve been trying to pack a lot of fun into summer vacation.

IMG_6400resizedWe’re training Reese to be a break-dancer.

IMG_6394resizedShe’s pretty good.

Easton’s honing in on his levitation skills too.  It’s been a busy summer.



We’re already pretty exhausted from all of this excitement.  😉