Almost caught up

Just sharing a few more pictures from our summer so far.  This poor swing set has seen better days.  I’m honestly a little worried that it’s going to collapse because it’s so rusted.  It’s still one of their favorite places to hang out though, so I just keep my fingers crossed that it holds!


IMG_6367resizedReese got her face painted at the school carnival, and when I made her wash it off at bedtime she said, “Aw, come on mom!  I stood in line for like 15 minutes for this thing!”  (It’s the moon and the sun, in case you weren’t sure.)



My little neighbor lady Violet has gorgeous Peonies, and I look forward to them blooming every year.  They’re so incredibly beautiful!  I want to plant a bunch of my own sometime.  They’re my very favorite flowers!


Reese calls this next trick “Circus Bike”, which is when Joe lets her stand on the pegs of Easton’s bike!

IMG_6376resizedIMG_6374resizedThe last 3 times that we’ve gone to Idaho Falls I’ve taken my camera with us so that we could get a picture of us all… and then completely forgotten about it!  One of these days I’ll remember 🙂




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