Pics from the iPod

I haven’t done an iPod post in a while, and since that’s where most of my pictures are lately, it’s probably time!

First of all, Shyanna had her baby 4.5 weeks early! I was so worried, but things went pretty well and Mila was born on my anniversary: May 13th! She’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to see her in person. (This is Shy’s picture from FaceBook)


Joe and I spent most of a morning at school assemblies on the day before school got out for summer. Reese was on the honor roll and got a citizenship award, and Easton was on the honor roll and got the Elk’s Lodge reader award. We’re so proud of our kidlets!




I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I finally decided to chop my hair off! My friend Kristy at Experience Hair Salon did such a good job. I really love it!





Joe is still off on Tuesdays, so last week we spent the day together doing fun stuff. Johnny Carinos does buy one get one free lunch specials on Tuesday…yum! We also stopped for Kiwi Loco frozen yogurt and then looked around the pet store.


The kids and I met up with Tammy and Lori’s family to eat at Five Guys burgers and fries, then we looked around the mall for a while before heading to the theater to watch Maleficent. It was soo good, but honestly there were a few scenes that scared Reese a little bit. (Scary creatures in a few battle scenes). We all really loved it though.

Our summer is off to a pretty good start!


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