Dance 2014


IMG_6242resizedReese had her big dance recital on May 16th and 17th and she did such a GREAT job!  I’m seriously proud of my girl for getting out in front of all those people and doing her thing!  My heart gets pumping so hard when it’s her turn, and I swear the whole auditorium could hear me cheer for her.  🙂



IMG_6271useresizedThey danced to “All the Single Ladies” by Beyonce.  So cute!






This is her friend Wendy…



And her buddy Kiera…


IMG_5699resizedWe made it through both nights of the recital…barely!  When there was about 30 minutes left on Saturday night I got a call from my mom saying that Easton was really sick and she was bringing him home.  As we were going out to the car, Reese said that her tummy was hurting too.  Both kids got super sick (Easton throwing up and Reese with stomach cramps) and we had to take them in to the ER around 11 pm.  We were there until 4:30 a.m. and then I took Easton home so he could get some sleep, but Reese had an allergic reaction to the Donatol they gave her with really bad hives and Joe stayed with her for another hour after I left to make sure she was doing okay before we brought her home.  Both kids were SUPER miserable and had to share a tiny bed in the ER.  I read the Wizard of Oz to them on my kindle for 3 hours while we were waiting.  Poor Reesie threw up all over everything and needed to change into a hospital gown, then they had to give her two shots in the bum.  It was seriously one of the worst nights of our lives!  The doctor finally decided it was gastritis.  Joe and I both got it too but mine wasn’t as bad as Joe.  I’m so thankful that we made it through Reese’s recital though.  She would have been crushed if we had missed out on that!



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