End of May

Just posting a few random pics from the last month or so.  Little Caius is going to be walking before we know it!  They have to corral him in the living room to keep him from getting into everything.  I made the mistake of opening the pantry door the other day while I was out there, and he was right behind me in about 2 seconds to see what he could find, haha!


IMG_6210resizedMy poor dad had to have surgery on his shoulder a few weeks ago.  He had a couple of pretty huge tears and then needed 5 anchors in the bone to hold it all together.  Ouch!  We were really worried when he had a hard time after coming out of surgery, but he started to perk up a little the next day.  It’s been a while, and he’s back at work and starting his physical therapy now.

IMG_6211resizedSchool is out for the summer now, but before it got out Reese came home from school one day with a paper cast on her arm.  She had made her own cast and then asked all of her classmates and teacher to sign it!  I remember when I was her age how cool it was when one of the girls at school had a cast on her foot and needed crutches…we all wanted one!  Reese did something about it and made her own, haha!  So funny 🙂

IMG_6215resizedAlso, how do kids go through so many pairs of jeans?!!

IMG_6227resizedIMG_6218resizedIt’s a mystery.  It might have something to do with him being a “pretty good goalie at soccer during recess”.

IMG_6220resizedReese missed a few days of school and had a ton of homework to catch up on.  We decided to do it out on the trampoline one evening.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE her teacher this year?  Mrs. Sorensen has been absolutely amazing.  She even sent home a container of Almond Roca for me as thanks for helping out in the classroom.  She’s moving to Utah this summer, but I’m so happy we had the chance to have her as a teacher.  She’s such an amazing person!  I have a picture of her and Reesie on my ipod that I’ll have to try and put on here.

IMG_6232resizedIMG_6234resizedI’m so happy that we made it through May…it’s CRAZY every single year!  🙂




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