13th Anniversary

Joe and I had our 13th wedding anniversary on May 13th.  We were planning on spending the day in Idaho Falls, but instead we were home with a sickie Reese.  These pictures are from a few days before on Mother’s Day.  I put together a little video for him, but I can’t get it to load on here.  He gave me a curling iron and some hair stuff I was checking out the last time we went to Ulta….and a romantic card, complete with Big Bang Theory quotes haha!

IMG_6185resizedYou might remember a few years back when we had our 10 year anniversary.  I thought he would love a Sasquatch bag for all of his church stuff, (he’s the young men’s president and I thought they would think it was funny), and he completely surprised me with a ring with 10 little diamonds to signify our 10 years together.  Yep, I was a little embarrassed about the bigfoot thing.  I won’t even mention a few years ago when I actually FORGOT our anniversary and Joe remembered.  Yikes.

IMG_6187resizedThis next one is the very first picture ever of Joe and I together .  It was the first time we had ever even held hands!

pics for video_0001



Love this guy so much!!



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