Mother’s Day

Shy and Kairi came to visit for 2 weeks and I only took a handful of pictures while they were here.  I didn’t even get one of Shyanna and her preggo belly!



IMG_5946resizedIMG_5943resizedEaston is getting older and isn’t always quite as excited to play with the little kids as he used to be.  He still plays with them, but he also likes to have his own quiet time and not feel like he has to keep track of all the little ones.  It’s hard being the oldest kid all the time!  He was hiding out in the back of Grammy’s car reading when they found him, haha!  🙂

IMG_5958resizedIMG_5960resizedIMG_5964resizedMother’s Day this year was so GREAT!  We got up pretty early so the kids could give me their cards and gifts before church.  Both kids made me several cards and Easton made me a bracelet.  Reese filled out some questions about me.  It’s been a few weeks and I’m trying to remember all of the fun things!  They gave me a snowball bush that I’ve really been wanting and two bleeding heart plants, which remind me of grandma Betty!  I taught Relief Society and then after church we went to spend the day out at my mom’s.



I love my little family so much!  They made it such a happy day for me 🙂




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