Princess Party 2014

Shy and Kairi went with Reese and I to the Princess Party at the SR high school this year, and we met up with Holli and her girls when we got there.  We decided to go to the afternoon session, and they told us that it was much less crowded than the morning session had been.  Our girls had been looking forward to the party for weeks ahead of time!  I love that they do this every year.

IMG_5773resizedI’ve never seen Reese turn as red as she did when the princes came over to talk to the girls!  I also just barely noticed Jocelyn’s expression in the bottom right of this next picture, haha!

IMG_5781resizedKairi had an amazing time and chattered away to anyone that would listen.  I think she caught Tangled by surprise when they finished this twirl and Kairi threw herself to the ground to do some kind of round-kick spin, haha!

IMG_5770resizedThe little princesses learned a cute song and dance, and then had fun twirling around in groups afterwards.




After the singing and dancing we went into the next room to eat a packed lunch they provided, and listened to the older princesses sing.  The lunches had pre-packaged peanut butter sandwiches, carrots, apples, ice cream, and Capri Sun drink pouches.

IMG_5821resizedIMG_5841resizedA prince came by our table to see if he could find his missing Cinderella.  He asked each of the girls to try on a glass slipper, but it was too big for them.  I think Kairi was the only one from our table that tried it on, and when it didn’t fit she stood up to help him look around for Cinderella.




IMG_5849resizedNext we moved on to learn about Princess Etiquette with a puppet show, then they got their nails painted and made tiaras.  Holli’s niece Katie was there as an older princess and it was fun to see her there!




IMG_5877resizedReese and Kairi got interviewed for the Blackfoot Morning News while they were making their crowns.  Their names were in the paper the next day with a quote about how much they loved to come to the party every year.  Our neighbor Susan mailed the clipping to Reese with a note that told her how fun it was for her to know someone famous.  It made Reese’s day!


IMG_5885resizedAt the very end they had us all go back into the auditorium (with the absolute worst lighting in the whole school!) so that we would have an opportunity to take pictures of everyone together.  Mine turned out awful and I didn’t bother to try and take any more until we went back to the other room.  I hope they do that in another room next year!




IMG_5924resizedWe’re already looking forward to next year!


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