Double Digits

We made it to birthday number 10 for Easton!  He’s such a good kid and our family loves him so much.  I’ve never seen a kid with such a huge heart.  He’ll gladly offer  up the last of the biscuits if he notices that his dad didn’t get his fair share.  🙂

IMG_5564resizedEaston is the oldest of the grandkids on my side of the family, and he’ll let Caius pull on his hair if it makes him laugh, or let Atrion hang on him for hours when we’re at Grammy’s because he knows that he gets lonely for other kids to play with.  We’re missing Kairi, and he’ll point out things when we’re out shopping and mention how much he thinks she’d love it.

IMG_5583resizedEaston and Reese are still the very best of friends and will play together all day long without arguing…(for the most part!)  They’re getting older so they do have a few disagreements about what they’re going to play, girl stuff versus boy stuff, but they usually figure out a way to make it work.  They’re both very protective of each other and look out for one another.  It’s so weird to me how well they get along because I used to fight like crazy with my siblings!

IMG_5573resizedEaston loves to compare his height to everyone, and he likes standing next to us to see how tall he’s grown.  He likes to remind us that the doctor said there’s a good chance he’ll be as tall as Joe (6’3″) by the time he’s around 19 years old!  He’s up to my NOSE now, and I’m 5’7″!

IMG_5577resizedA few of Easton’s favorites:movie:  Lego movie and Avengers
food:  Chicken pillows
color:  Blue
friends:  Luke, Nathan, Manny, Micah
game:  Lego Marvel Superheros Universe in Peril for ps3
song:  Some Nights by Fun
subject:  AR reading
books:  Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Mysterious Benedict Society
toy:  Anything Avengers

IMG_5589resizedWe celebrated his birthday last Saturday by letting him invite his friend Luke to Idaho Falls with us.  Easton chose to eat at Famous Daves BBQ (our favorite!), and then we went to the Lego Movie that just came out.  It was the perfect movie for 10 year old boys, haha!

IMG_5586resizedI just love this kid so much and I’m so thankful that he’s mine!  I hope that he’ll always choose to be around good friends, and make choices that will lead to his eternal happiness.  My greatest goal in life is for our family to love each other and be happy together as an eternal family!

IMG_5568resizedI was taking pictures of Easton, and Joe started tossing random things to him for a picture…. a unicorn (click), a pillow (click), a book (click)…we were laughing about it, but when he grabbed this off the wall and handed it to him I thought it was just about perfect.  Happy birthday, Easton!


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