Pinewood Derby

This year Joe was talked into making TWO pinewood derby cars, one for each kid.  Easton knew from the very start that he wanted to have an eagle for his car and it turned out awesome.  Reese knew that she wanted hers to be pink and sparkly!








Bompa stopped by a few minutes after it started and was able to watch the whole thing. They let Reese race her car at the end when it was time to do the Loop-de-Loops.  Her car was FAST!  We were hoping that Easton and Reese could race each other, but they seemed to be in a little bit of a hurry at the end and wanted to get it all taken down.  We’ll never know for sure whose car was faster (And I think that’s a good thing, haha!)



IMG_5351resizedI have to say that I felt so bad for the kid she beat!  I didn’t have my camera ready and the picture is blurry but I love it, haha!  (He was embarrassed, but still smiling!)

IMG_5460resizedIMG_5467resizedEaston did AWESOME and ended up taking FIRST in Bears and THIRD overall!  It was a ton of fun for all of us, and both kids had the biggest smiles on their faces at the end of the night.

IMG_5487resizedIMG_5488resizedIMG_5496resizedIMG_5500resizedGood job, Easton!  We’re proud of you and you did an amazing job on your car!  (I’m also thankful that he has a good dad to help him out!)



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