I guess the good thing about only posting twice a month, is that my end of the year blog book isn’t going to cost very much, haha!  Here are some random pictures from this month.

IMG_5175resizedJanuary has got to be the slowest month out of the year for us.  It’s always cold and dreary, so we spend a lot of time at home.  My kids love to have a Saturday morning where they can just hang out in their jammies and not worry about rushing off someplace.

IMG_5178resizedBut that only lasts until we decide we’re bored and head out to spend the day at Grammy’s house and visit cutie Caius!

IMG_5210resizedThe kids come home in the afternoons and finish up their homework when they get home from school every day.  Reese just brings one worksheet of math and then she needs to read a book each day.  Easton does his 20 minutes of reading every day, (which is usually done at night with his flashlight after he’s supposed to be going to sleep!)  He also brings home a big worksheet that he has 2 weeks to finish, so it’s weird not to have him do actual homework every night.  He usually works on it for 3-4 days out of that period of time to get it all done.  I can help him with the English, but it’s seriously a good thing that Joe is around to help him with the math!  Numbers are NOT my friend!



IMG_5261resizedAtrion and Caius came over last week, and then Cody and Casey took me to lunch at Mr. Pizza.  They ordered the bacon, tomato, and onion pizza and it was delicious!  They also got one that had mushrooms and olives that looked good but I couldn’t get enough of the bacon one…mmmm.



IMG_5315resizedThe wind is howling outside, and it snowed and rained last night.  Everything is a frozen wet mess outside, and I’m dreading going in to read to Easton’s class this afternoon because I don’t want to leave my warm house.  Last week I had just sat down in his classroom and read them about 3 sentences when the fire drill went off!  I was grateful that it was a nice, sunshiny day at least.  🙂


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