A Fresh Start

I’ve been working on my blog book for 2013 and finding so many fun memories!  Last week for Family Home Evening we filled out some questionnaires about each of us.  One of the questions was about our favorite day from the last year.  Joe and I both put this day as our favorite!   (This is a screen shot from the book I’m making through Blurb.  I’ve made several books with them and have always been happy with how they turn out!)


Untitled-1This was when we took a family drive to Wolverine for the afternoon.  We drove up the mountain and then wound back around until we came back to Idaho Falls.  We decided to stop over at the temple to take a walk on the grounds and the kids especially had the best time.  We went into the visitor’s center and watched a short video about families.  It was just such a great afternoon and we all enjoyed the day together!

Untitled-3Another runner-up for our “Best Day of 2013” was when we spent an evening at the Greenbelt in I.F. during the summer.  The weather was perfect, and I remember being completely in awe of the amazing light that was filtering through the trees.  It was so beautiful!

Untitled-2This last one is a screen shot of my cover page for the blog book I’m working on.  I’m determined to take more pictures of us as a family throughout the year!  We really had a pretty amazing year and hope that 2014 will be just as good.  🙂



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