Reese’s birthday!

Last year, I remember that the day after Christmas we all got off to a slow start in the morning.  The kids were playing with their new toys, and I was checking email and eating a bowl of cereal.  Around 10:30 that morning it hit me… it was Reese’s birthday!

This year we remembered it right away and started the day off with presents for the birthday girl.  I can’t believe that she’s already SEVEN!!!  So crazy.

IMG_5148resizedIMG_5145resizedIMG_5149resizedShe’s been asking for a Flutterbye Fairy ever since she saw the first commercial come out for them.  Then, when she finally got one she decided that she’s afraid of it because she doesn’t want it to crash into her!  I think we just need to play with it a few times so she gets used to it and then she’ll love it.  I hope so, anyway!

IMG_5154resizedIt was fun to watch them play with it.  I think it’s pretty awesome!  The fairy takes off from her stand, and then when she comes back down you have to put your hand under her and she goes back up again.

IMG_5163resizedIMG_5172resizedIMG_5166resizedJoe had to go back to work, but the kids and I went out to my mom’s house for the day.  I played Mario Monopoly with Easton and Reese, and visited with Cody’s family when they came back from Twin.  My kids ended up staying the night with Grammy, so Joe and I rented Man of Steel from Redbox and watched that.  (We both really liked it!)  Reese had a great day and told me that her birthday was really, REALLY good.  I hope all of her birthdays are that good!  🙂



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