Joe and I took the kids out to my aunt Deona’s house for our yearly family get together with my dad’s side of the family.  There was so much yummy food to choose from!  I love that about my family…everyone likes to try new dishes and experiment a little.  One of the things my aunt served was goat cheese covered in blueberries with crackers, and it was delicious!  I didn’t take my camera, but wanted to write down a little about going out there so we can remember what we did.

We hurried home after eating so we could get ready for Santa to come.  Joe went out to visit his mom for a little bit, since we weren’t going to be there for Christmas day, and I hurried to get things ready after the kids went to bed.  He helped me finish up when he got home a little later.

IMG_5048resizedI can NEVER sleep on Christmas Eve!  I seriously wake up about every hour thinking that it’s time to get up.  I finally got up a little before 6 and woke everyone up.  I just can’t wait… I get so excited!  Reese was completely out when I went in to get her, but she sat bolt upright and was ready to get started, haha!  Easton jumped right up too!

IMG_5055resizedI set the camera up on a tripod so we could focus more on each other rather than trying to take pictures of everything.  Every once in a while one of us would go over and push the button on the timer.  I love that we’re all in most of our pictures!

IMG_5063resizedWe like to take turns opening presents so we can savor opening them a little bit longer.

IMG_5084resizedA few of Easton’s favorite presents this year included:  Legos, Skylander Swap Force game, hoodie jacket, and a foam mattress topper.

IMG_5072resizedSome of Reese’s favorites included a FurReal Unicorn, mattress topper, Lego Friends, fox clothes and barrettes, and CANDY!

IMG_5089resizedJoe finally got the BIKE he’s had on layaway forever, and I’m completely in love with my new ukulele!  We all ended up with way too much stuff.  I thought we were cutting way back, but somewhere along the way we got a little carried away again.  We need to stick to our plan a little closer next year, which was four main gifts; one that they want, need, wear, and read.  BUT it was a really great Christmas!!



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