December stuff

I’m fitting in one last catch-up post before Christmas!  Here’s just a random post of what our December looked like:

IMG_4941resizedGumdrop snowflakes




IMG_4945resizedMy kids have discovered Star Wars and like to put on plays for us.  They have the moves all choreographed and everything.  It’s pretty funny to watch them and hear their sound effects.

IMG_4967resizedThey’re both getting pretty good at using the Force…


IMG_4977resizedIMG_4974I try to make the kids something handmade from me for Christmas each year.  This year it was rice bags, but the weather was so cold that they got them a few weeks before Christmas.  They heat them up before bedtime every night and cozy up with them in their beds.

IMG_4993resizedWe’ve been watching lots of Christmas movies.  Some of our favorites this year were the Forgotten Carols, The Grinch (with green bedtime milk), and Polar Express.  This was the first year that we sat down and watched the Forgotten Carols with the kids, and they LOVED it!  It’s going to be a new tradition in our house.


Lots of craft projects, (as usual!)


IMG_5009resizedThis is getting pretty long!  I think I’m going to add a part 2.




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