December part 2

Reese’s birthday is the day after Christmas, so we put together these little cheese stick snowmen for her to pass out in her class at school before the break. These were a huge hit with everyone! One little girl even ate the cheese, and then asked her teacher to help her tape the sides back together so she could take it home to show her mom, haha!


IMG_5011resizedAbout 5 minutes before I was supposed to be at the school to pass them out, I decided to hurry and make a “birthday girl” decoration for her to wear on her shirt. I was flying through the house trying to get it done because I knew she’d love it. Then I got there and saw she already had two others on her shirt from her teacher, haha!  I can’t get the picture to load in this spot, so it’s further down in the post.

These pictures are from my ipod.  Easton made a Santa cake for pack meeting at scouts…


Our Elf on the Shelf came back and has been finding some pretty good hiding spots.  The kids found him in about 2 minutes for this one on top of the fridge… I couldn’t believe it!

We did Reese’s reindeer hairdo for the last day of school before the break.  She said it got lots of compliments and her teacher even took a picture of it!



We did gingerbread houses this year again.  The kits from Walmart are a lifesaver!  Reese did the house and Easton did the train.  Easton did the last one at school too.

IMG_5016resizedIMG_5014resizedIMG_5013resizedJoe has made two batches of peanut butter fudge, my favorite!!  This is a picture of him adding his special ingredient…. LOVE!  haha

IMG_5019resizedReese wanted to do a spa day during her Christmas break, so this is her soaking her feet, with curlers in her hair, and getting her nails painted.  Easton wants to do games for his special day.



We did our Polar Express night on Friday.  We wanted to go a little earlier than last year because we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we sent them to clean up their rooms and they found their new bathrobes, (so funny, but they both really wanted one!) and their golden ticket for the Polar Express.  We stopped at the temple first and watched a few short movies about Christmas and Christ.  They had live singing so we listened to that for a few songs, then went to visit Santa, and see Christmas lights.  Going to the temple first really set the mood for Christmas and helped us focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  It was such a good night, and another of our favorite traditions.


We made it to church yesterday in time for the Christmas program in sacrament meeting, and even took a picture before we left.  I took off the green tie that was around my middle after I saw the picture, haha!

IMG_5037resizedToday Joe is at work, so the kids and I are finishing up some wrapping, (my last package JUST arrived from the UPS man…unfortunately it was a present for Joe, and he pulled into the driveway just as they were delivering it, haha!)  We’ll be doing a little cleaning and watching more Christmas movies today and tomorrow.   Merry Christmas!!!


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