Snow Pictures!

We had our first big snowfall yesterday, and it also just so happened that Joe took the day off work!  The kids had spent the night before out at my parents house, so on Saturday morning Joe and I drove out to spend the day there.  I brought my camera along for the first time in weeks and we got some fun snow pictures.


collageresizedMy mom and dad started laughing hysterically when I was doing theirs, and I turned around to see Reese peeking through the window making faces at them from inside the house.  🙂

IMG_4891_ppresizedWe got a lot of use from my new plaid blanket from Kohl’s Black Friday sale!  Mom had also made a TON of cookies.  I hate the rolling out part and she hates the decorating, so it usually works out pretty good.  We all helped decorate most of them, but after a while everyone kinda wandered off and Joe decided to help mom finish them up.

IMG_4838resizedIMG_4843resizedIMG_4845resizedIt felt so Christmas-y and fun yesterday, especially since Joe got to spend the day with us!  We were really missing Shy’s family though.  It was also Sierra’s 19th birthday.  I seriously can’t believe she’s already that old.  She STILL won’t let anyone take a picture of her!  😦

IMG_4849resizedI’m a little sad that I already ordered my family Christmas cards after seeing all of these!  Dad had the kids grab this sign from off the front yard and take one more before we went inside.  It was so incredibly COLD…it’s been in the single digits and below with the windchill!  Hopefully I’ll post again before too long, but just in case I don’t…



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