It’s been almost a month since my last blog post!  I’ve tried to do this one several times and it keeps getting lost so I haven’t been in a hurry to start all over and lose it again.  Gonna try one more time though!

We had such a great time for Halloween this year…even though it was a little different than what we usually do. Our ward hasn’t had a carnival/party for the last few years and we’ve really missed them. They always do a Trunk or Treat, but that only takes 15 minutes and then you’re done for the night, so we were especially excited when we heard about the ward dinner and party that would be happening on the Saturday before Halloween.  The kids and I took a few pictures before we left for it.  Joe had to work and didn’t have time to dress up before we had to leave…(plus he didn’t get anything to dress up in, even though we found the perfect GI Joe outfit at the DI!)

IMG_4750resizedSuper Mario, Ragdoll, and Pinkalicious Cowgirl on a Unicorn were ready to party!  The party was so much fun!  They had lots of games set up for the kids, we had a delicious baked potato dinner, and then watched the old animated version of Legend of Sleepy Hollow…(which I’ve still never seen all the way through because we were helping and missed the last half.)

I love coming up with fun costumes for Halloween every year! Last year I was Hamburglar (the guy in black and white stripes that liked to steal the hamburgers from McDonald’s back in the day!) Cody let me have a gold tie that he had from his mission, and I hot glued some pictures of hamburgers onto it, wore lots of stripes and a big black sunhat and mask.

A few of my costumes from previous years include a “Price is Right” game show contestant (with my name tag and a thought bubble headband that said “Pick me, Bob!”, and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. When I was pregnant with Reese I glued foam pieces onto my shirt to turn my belly into a fishbowl, (that was a definite favorite!)

This year I was excited to come across a tutorial for a yarn wig about a week before Halloween and I decided to be a rag doll. Joe and I stopped at the DI and found my dress, (which I absolutely love and even wore to church today, minus the striped tights and wig!) I went right home and got to work making my wig, which turned out better than I thought it was going to. The key to my “success” in sewing is choosing things that are supposed to look a little crazy, haha!


Halloween was on Thursday this year, (I think it should ALWAYS be on a Friday so everyone can sleep in the next day!) and the kids got to have their Spook Parade at school.  I’d been watching my friend’s little girl Katrynn and had planned to bring her over to watch, but Maria got there to pick her up just before we walked out the door.  Joe met me over there and we enjoyed watching all of the kids parade by in their costumes.


We found out that the kids had their swimming test on Halloween night at 6 pm… right when the Trunk or Treat would be going on! I was a little upset at first because I didn’t want them to miss out, but then I realized they’d have plenty of other Halloween stuff going on so they wouldn’t really miss out on anything, it would just be at a different time than we’re used to.

The kids were already dressed in their costumes from the Spook Parade, so I took them Trick-or-Treating to a few houses in the ward at 4:30.  Some of them wondered what we were doing there so early in the day!  We went to about 10 houses and filled the kids’ bags with candy, then came home to get ready for their swimming test.  We were the ONLY ONES to actually show up at the pool on Halloween.  Reese was crying and upset when they tried to get her into the deep end with a life jacket (I can TOTALLY relate, poor girl!) but Easton is a little fish already.  They ended up bringing Reese to the shallow end so she could play and get used to the water before they try that again.  She was happy when we left!


After swimming lessons we came back home and watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” that my friend Jaeme let us borrow.  I had picked up a jack-o-lantern pizza earlier in the day, so we ate our pizza, watched the movie, and dug through the giant bowl of candy to find our favorites.  It was a great Halloween!



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