5 minutes

The kids and I haven’t taken any dorky pictures in front of the camera for a while (well, unless you count our family pictures), so we decided to get caught up.  We took 5 minutes out of our day to document our nerdiness for posterity….



IMG_4687resizedI’ve been taking turns with alternate kids after bedtime every night to give them 5 minutes of one-on-one time with me.  We cuddle up in my bed and visit about anything they feel like.  I had planned on doing 15 minutes each night, but by the time they’re ready for bed after swimming lessons, dance, and whatever else they have going on for the day, it’s usually already past their bedtime.  Since I’m home with them anyway all day, I think 5 minutes is pretty good for now.  It’s been a good thing and I hope we can keep it going.  🙂



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