My (Wootton) family

It suddenly hit me the other day that I haven’t done a blog post with the family pictures we did when Shy was here!  We’re missing Sierra, Danny, and Joe but something is better than nothing.  🙂


I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned that I have the best parents in the world.  I just wanted to bring that up one more time.  😉


IMG_3909resizedI love the pictures of my parents in the ones above, but the next one shows a little more of my dad’s true personality, haha!

IMG_3879resized I can’t even believe that Kairi is already 5 years old!  We got to celebrate her birthday while she was visiting.  I’m missing them today.


IMG_3926resizedWe have some superheroes in the family too…








IMG_3989resizedOkay, mom and dad… don’t kill me, but these next pictures were too funny not to share, haha!

IMG_4124resizedIMG_4125resized(Who can guess where I keep my cell phone, hah?!)

IMG_4126resizedI decided you can’t get too upset with me, since I’m the one that looks like the biggest idiot.  I love my family.  🙂


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