I’ve been dreading it for weeks, but it snuck up on us anyway.  (Also, isn’t “snuck” a word?!  I’m not sure what to use in its place…”sneaked” sounds funny.)  The end of summer finally happened and we had to move on to the “school days” phase of our year.

IMG_3756resizedSo long to sleeping in until 8:00 or 9:00 every weekday!  Now we’re up bright and early by 6:30 a.m.  We could actually sleep in a little longer than that, but getting up at 6:30 gives us plenty of time to get ready so we aren’t rushing all over trying not to miss the bus.  It gives us a calm start to the morning and allows a little time for the inevitable “just 5 more minutes, mom!” that I hear every morning when I try to pull them out of hibernation.

IMG_3770resizedI can absolutely relate to their problems with getting out of bed.  I remember begging to stay in bed when I was in school, and then running over to huddle on top of the heater vent that was blowing out toasty, warm air from the floor.  I’d also fall back asleep every morning and my mom would have to yell repeatedly at me, and eventually turn off the heater, before I’d finally get up and start getting ready.  I’m so not a morning person.

IMG_3754resizedReese is in first grade and Easton is already in 4th.  It’s so crazy to me that they’re already this old.  Both of them were super excited to get started with school this year.  We had requested both of their teachers by some of my friend’s recommendations, and I think it’s going to be a great year for both of them.

IMG_3768resizedI drove them both on the first morning, but Easton took off across the lawn with his friend before I even got a chance to tell him goodbye.  Reese was a little less sure about what was going on while they lined up waiting to go inside.  (Seeing this next picture on the computer when I got home made me want to go charging back to school and gather her up to spend the rest of the day with me!  I restrained myself though)

IMG_3777resizedI walked her in to class and we found the seat her teacher had assigned to her.  I was a little sad that there were 3 little girls all together, then a gap of 2 empty seats, and then Reese all by herself on the end!  I think some of the kids just hadn’t gotten to school yet though.  (They’ve changed things around since then, and now she sits with boy-girl seating around the room.)

IMG_3788resizedIMG_3793-2resizedI stayed with her for a few minutes and then went upstairs to embarrass Easton by snapping a few pictures of him.  His classmates looks so much bigger in comparison to the 1st graders!

IMG_3796resizedThey got to choose their own seats and he’s surrounded by all of his buddies.  I thought for sure the teacher would move them after that first day, but she told them they could stay where they were and wouldn’t need to be moved unless they 1) didn’t follow the rules or, 2) if they couldn’t see the board.  He’s still there after another week so they must be doing good!

IMG_3798resizedI took a final walk past Reese’s classroom on my way out, then went home to cry a little bit to Joe about my babies being all grown up…(I do that a lot, haha!)

IMG_3812resizedBoth of them came home to tell me all about how great their first day of school went, and I’m so happy that they loved it!  It’s not easy to send your babies out into the world, especially if they don’t want to go!






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