Puddle Jumping

Blogging has somehow fallen to the end of my list of things to do lately!  I have tons of pictures that I’ve been doing lately that I want to post on here, so hopefully I can get caught up soon!

IMG_3421resizedEaston and Reese have been having the best time playing with all of their cousins.  Shy and Kairi actually just went home to Coeur D’Alene this morning and we’re already missing them.  There had been a huge rainstorm that flooded the driveway but it was gone by the next day when we went out to visit.  My mom got a hose and refilled it so the kids could splash through it some more!

IMG_3430resizedIMG_3456READYresizedI don’t feel like rambling on like I usually do, so I’ll just post the pictures for now 🙂

IMG_3462resizedIMG_3446resizedIMG_3416resizedIMG_3473resizedIMG_3499resizedIMG_3501resizedEaston was sick, so he missed out on the puddle jumping 😦


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