Shy and Kairi are here visiting!  Have I even posted about this yet?!  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I can’t even remember.  We’ve missed them both so much.  It’s hard to believe that Kairi will be 5 years old in a month!

IMG_3224resizedLittle Caius is getting so big!  He’s started smiling and does a little bit of cooing once in a while…so cute!




My dad pointed out a really cool old building that’s out by their house.  It’s made of glass and has the best diffused light inside!  I’m probably going to go a little crazy with photos from inside it.  There were dozens of birds flying overhead the whole time we were there but we all made it out okay, haha!  (Ironically the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” was on tv that night!)



IMG_3320resizedPoor Easton was home sick while we were out there, so I’m sad we didn’t get any with him.  One of my favorite quotes-of-the-day came from Atrion, “But this IS my normal face!”

IMG_3376resized  IMG_3385resized Another hilarious quote came from Atrion a little later.  He was looking through some play binoculars and kind of muttering to himself.  Dad and I heard him say, “This is ridiculous!”  It was the funniest thing, and we both cracked up over it!


I’ve got a bunch more photos to post…soon I hope!



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