Atrion’s 4th Birthday Party!

Cody and Casey did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Atrion’s 4th birthday, and I completely forgot to do a blog post about it!  Here are some of the turtles that were there:  Easton, Dema, John, Clara, Reese, and Atrion.

IMG_1885resizedIMG_1892resizedI think the turtle shells were my favorite part of the whole party… they were so fun!  Cody and Casey really put a ton of work into making this a really fun day for the kids.  They each got to make their own pizza and play with slime…

IMG_1910resizedIMG_1906resizedIMG_1905resizedThen there were games, treats, and presents…


IMG_1942resizedMy kids’ favorite part of the party came next…. the (enormous) water slide!

IMG_2003resizedIMG_1953resizedIMG_1988resizedThanks for inviting us, Cody and Casey!  We had a great time, and hope Atrion had a happy birthday!



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