Joe’s family (and outtakes!)

My niece Maria wanted me to post some pictures of Joe’s side of the family, so here are a few just for you Maria!  This first one made me laugh… Adan jumped into the shot right as I pushed the shutter…

IMG_2208 IMG_2192resizedLove this one of Todd and mom!



Brad stuck his peace sign right in the middle of my punch bowl photo, haha!


Somebody put Easton to work too.  He looks so grown up in this picture!


My handsome husband with his mom and brother Steve.


Marie and baby Maya, and the next one has Grant and Olivia in the background.

IMG_2451resized IMG_2448resized


Jesse, Hailey, Karen, and Wilson…


IMG_2512resizedBrad redeemed himself from messing up my punchbowl pic by taking one of Joe and I at the end of the night.  Too bad my makeup had all melted off my face by that time..yikes!



And finally, one of the best parts from the evening… trying to figure out how to do Guero’s tie!


IMG_2515resized IMG_2513resized



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