Elsha and Tate (the details)

Elsha’s hair was done by my friend Kristy Hansen, owner of Experience Hair Salon, and she does such an amazing job!  I really recommend you make an appointment with her if you have an important day coming up… whatever the reason!

hair by kristyMost of the decorations and refreshments were made by family and friends.  The cake was made by Tammy’s friend Julie and it was really cute!




I tried about 3 different kinds of cupcakes and they were all AMAZING!  I had Reese’s peanut butter cup with pb filling, chocolate with buttercream frosting, and my FAVORITE of them all was a chocolate with raspberry filling.  There were still a bunch of others that I didn’t even get around to tasting, but wish I had…mmmm!


IMG_2485logoIMG_2483logoThe flowers and waterfall in the yard made such a perfect place for a wedding!  We even found out that Tate’s brother had been married at the exact same place, 5 years to the day earlier!


IMG_2479logoTammy made these jars with glue and glitter, and they looked so pretty when they were lit up at night.

IMG_2494logoReesie rode home with me at the end of the night, and Easton stayed with Joe to help take everything down.  On the way home she had a lot of questions about who was going to get married next, and whether she would be invited, and what everyone’s dresses might look like.  Her little face was glowing with excitement.  I asked Reese what kind of man she’s going to marry, and she said, “Well, for sure he has to know how to make meat mountains like dad!”  Haha 🙂


IMG_2537logoI’ll have the formal portraits coming up next 🙂


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