Elsha and Tate (the wedding)

Joe’s sister Tammy asked me to be the photographer at her daughter Elsha’s wedding this past weekend.  My friend Micha of Shuttergirl Photography had invited me to be the second-shooter for a couple of her weddings a while back, but doing them on my own was a new experience for me!

I had gone over with Todd, Tammy, and Elsha for a few hours that morning to help set up and get things ready for the wedding, and it was HOT!  We were wiping down the chairs and had to make sure that our legs didn’t brush up against the metal because it would scald them.  The water was evaporating off of the chairs before we could even wipe it off 2 seconds later!  Luckily it had started to cool off a bit in the evening and there was some shade for the guests.

IMG_2108logoIMG_2110logoElsha has a pretty laid-back personality, and that made it easier for me to relax and enjoy the wedding, while trying to capture the little moments throughout her day.










Elsha and Tate made the beautiful arch that they’re standing under!  It turned out so pretty, and I really love the colors that she chose for the bridesmaid dresses and accents.  The wedding was held at her new in-law’s (Ann and Lannie Ogden’s) and their yard was beyond amazing… flowers in bloom EVERYWHERE!







IMG_2385logoIt turned out to be such a beautiful day, and I think everything went pretty much as it was planned.  I’ll have part 2 (the details) coming up next!


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