The Greenbelt

We stopped the Greenbelt in IF the other evening and spent about an hour wandering around and letting the kids explore.  I kept stopping to take pictures because the lighting was so pretty, and at one point I was so caught up in what I was doing that I missed the last step…landing awkwardly on my ankle and doing the “Oh, I’m cool…don’t worry about me!” step-and-jump in front of 10 strangers.


IMG_1534resizedI think Reese’s favorite part was finding water-skippers in this little pond.  I can remember how much I loved catching them out at my grandma’s house when I was about her age.  My parents would bring a jar and lean down into the ditch to scoop them up for us…it’s one of my favorite memories!


IMG_1569resizedEaston is getting really good at taking pictures for us.  I wish we would have grabbed the tripod so we could have all been in one!


IMG_1575resizedThe boys brought along their rock crawlers, of course!



IMG_1646resizedThe only bad part of being there was how crowded it got.  But if you could work around all the people, it was absolutely beautiful!




Her little knock-knees in this picture makes me smile 🙂



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