We’ve been rushing around so much lately that the kids haven’t been home long enough to invite friends over, but we finally worked it out on Friday.  Reese had a really hard time deciding who she was going to ask… I’m pretty sure it came down to an “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo” decision between Wendy, Kylie, Shayna, and Emily!

IMG_1362resizedMy friend Amy was having a yard sale that day, so we brought her boys Dameon and Soreign home to play in the sprinklers on the trampoline with Easton.  The girls and I decided to do a little face painting!

IMG_1366resizedBoth of them knew exactly what they wanted and told me which colors and where to put them!  My art skills need a little work, but the girls were happy with them 🙂

IMG_1367resizedThey wanted to show the boys…

IMG_1360resizedWe’re gonna have trouble in a few years, haha!