4th of July

I broke out the paint while we were waiting for Joe to get home from work today, and we had a good time getting patriotic, haha! Reese ended up with stars on her cheeks, a flag on one arm and a firework on the other. Easton wanted an eagle, but I finally talked him into a flag and firework. I’m pretty sure mine would have looked more like a turkey!

IMG_1047resizedThe kids LOVED the face/arm painting, and I have a feeling we’re going to be doing more of that in the near future.

IMG_1043resizedI’m not sure what kind of face she’s making in this picture….?


IMG_1040resizedJoe loaded the mattress into the back of the Chevy again this year and we went down to watch the fireworks in town.

There was a rumor going around a few weeks ago that they weren’t going to have them this year because of the cost, but I guess someone donated the fireworks this year….YAY! I hate the thought of driving to Idaho Falls on the 4th. It’s a complete madhouse and takes hours to get out of there with all of the traffic. I love that we can watch the fireworks in town and be home 5 minutes after they’re over 🙂


IMG_1093resizedThe kids and I stayed in the back of the truck for the ride home, and they had the best time. Easton told me it was the most fun that he’s had since Disneyland, haha!

IMG_1110resizedI didn’t get very many pictures this year, but I LOVE this next one of Joe and Easton lighting sparklers!

IMG_1058resizedHere are a few pictures from the iPod from today.  We made a star in Reese’s hair, and my friend Dara made the cute bows for her.  We even sprayed it with glitter to be especially awesome.



Reese has been asking about the 4th of July for about 5 months now and I’m pretty sure it’s her favorite, or at least it’s a close tie with Christmas.  She’s been counting down the days all week until it was the day for the fireworks!




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