Bath Time

I was out at the house the other day when Cody and Casey gave Caius his bath, and Casey asked me to take a few pictures.


IMG_0783resizedThey have this really cool blooming flower thing that’s made out of foam type stuff and the baby just settles right down into it.  SO much better than trying to hang onto their slippery little bodies and keep them from sliding all over the place in the tubs!

IMG_0790-2resizedCaius was super relaxed, and I’m pretty sure he would have just gone right to sleep if he didn’t have to be washed.  The next few pictures of him are some of my most favorite ever.  I so wish that I would have started photography sooner so I’d have these type of photos of my own babies.

IMG_0792-2resizedHere are a couple of pictures of Easton’s first bath…just to compare.


I can’t stop looking at the differences between these pictures and laughing a little bit hysterically at them, haha!  It was AWFUL and I hated every minute.  My poor, traumatized firstborn!

100_0020No doubt it’s all because we didn’t have the foam flower bath thingy!  I swear in this next picture he’s thinking, “Why in the world did you do that to me, mom?!”  There might even be a few death rays shooting out of his eyes if you look close enough.

100_0023Sorry baby Easton!  We better get back to the nice, calm baby that’s not mine, haha!

IMG_0794-2resizedHere’s one where I was peeking between Cody and Casey.  I’m like a top-secret spy or something.





IMG_0834resizedNope….I don’t see any death rays shooting out of those eyes!



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