Last night was the night of the SuperMoon, or the night when the moon appears closest to the earth.  We had spent the evening watching Planet Earth, (Easton picked it out at the library and has been begging to watch it with our family!)  We had finished with all the bedtime stuff and already tucked them in for the night when I looked outside and saw how big the moon was.

IMG_0747resizedWe couldn’t see it very well from our house in town, so we grabbed the kids and hopped in the car to drive a few miles away where there was a big field and lots of open space.  It was a warm night and the kids were super excited to be out of bed so late at night.

IMG_0749resizedI gladly admit that I kinda stink when it comes to night photography, but we captured some memories at least!

IMG_0755resizedThese was a car coming towards us from the left in the picture above so it looks like we’re glowing a little bit!  We should have had our hands a little higher, but not too bad, haha!

IMG_0761resizedThis was such a fun night… I think we’ll have to make it a tradition.  The next one will be August 10, 2014!


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