When They Grow Up

We were eating lunch yesterday and Reese started talking about what she wants to do when she grows up.  First on her plan is to have her dad build her a shop at the edge of our lawn “right by the yellow flower”.  It’s where she’ll sell her crafts.  Easton asked what time she’ll open and close her shop.  She said it will open when she gets up in the morning and close when her dad gets home from work 🙂



Reese is only going to have two kids, and their names will be Sparkle and Spike.  Her husband will watch the children during the day while she’s working at the craft store, and she’ll  live in a castle.  Pink, of course!


IMG_0697resizedWhen Easton grows up he’s going to work at Target so I can come and visit him every day since he’s pretty sure it’s my favorite store.  He also promised me that he’d never move farther away than Utah…”at the very farthest!”  (I’m going to remember this promise and show it to him if he ever tries to move away 🙂

IMG_0699resized Easton said he’ll come to my house once or twice a week so I can hold his babies.  He only wants to have two kids, “in case they’re wild”, and their names will be Zack and Melissa.  His house will be just a little bit bigger than our house now, but he’ll for sure have a balcony.  He’s also going to be a professional tennis player, “because that would be nice to teach his children.”  He wants his wife to be just like his mom…(pretty sure he’s sucking up a little bit here, but he’s sticking with it for now!)


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