My Dad

We went out to my parents house the other night, and the kids were really excited to help my dad in the garden for a little bit before we had to go home.  Reese had been hunting butterflies with Grammy just a few minutes before she came over to help, but she quickly tossed her net over to me to hold for her while she helped Bompa.


IMG_0579resizedMy dad is so patient with my kids, and he always explains things to them when they have questions about what he’s doing.  Easton is learning all about gardening, and it’s one of his favorite things to do with his Bompa.



My kids filled in a book for Bompa for Father’s Day that asked questions about what they liked to do with their grandpa.  Easton mentioned several times that he liked to garden with him.  Reese liked to make projects with him, and she wrote that he’s really good at being a “TIKLR” (tickler).



IMG_0599resizedIMG_0589resizedThey both drew a few pictures in the book, and it was funny to me that Reese included his hat and wrote “BINGHAM” on it.  She was a little sad she couldn’t get the “Co-op” to fit, haha!  Easton drew a cute picture of Bompa making omelets…another of his favorite things.




IMG_0588resizedI feel like I write the same things over and over about my dad being such a hard worker, and that he doesn’t go a single day without helping someone, but it’s so TRUE!  His phone really is constantly ringing with people needing him to help them with things… his phone rings throughout the day even on Sunday.  I wish he could have a break from that once in a while.  It really does show how much he’s needed though 🙂




My dad has always been one of the most encouraging people in my life.  He’s always getting after me to keep up with my photography, or try out a new idea.  He gives me constructive criticism and lets me know what he thinks I can do to make it better the next time (whatever “it” might be).

IMG_0562resizedDad never loses his sense of humor in any situation.  My mom told me that Shy wrote him a long letter telling her how much she loves him…he wrote back saying that he forgot to tell her that she was adopted and she must be thinking of her other dad!  haha 🙂

IMG_0603_ppresized Anyway, that’s probably enough mushy stuff for now…he can only handle so much at a time 🙂  I love you, dad.



One thought on “My Dad

  1. Love , Judy says:

    What a beautiful tender tribute to your dad Shelby and how he blesses the grandchildren and you, your siblings and their spouses!. ( as well as the wonderful things that inspire you about your mom as well.) Your parents are such wonderful people, strong leaders in the family. What a powerful endearing legacy they have blessed for you all. Praying for you all. love you

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