Home from the Hospital

The kids and I went out to my parents’ house today to be there when Cody and Casey brought little Caius home from the hospital.  We were all so excited for them to get there!  My blog is probably going to be pretty much all about Caius for the next little while….get ready for lots of pictures!!



IMG_0476-2resizedAtrion said some of the funniest things today, and we finally had to write some of them down so we would remember.  One of them was that Caius’ hands felt soft like dough.  He also said that he was just poking him softly, haha!




IMG_0503-2resizedBaby Caius is a wiggly little guy, and he started getting a little fussy.  I grabbed my ipod and turned on a white noise fan app that I had loaded on it.  It was the cutest thing, because he stopped fussing and turned his little head right towards the ipod to listen to it.  Cody didn’t waste any time downloading that one, haha!


IMG_0542resizedIMG_0537-2resizedI told Cody that today felt like the Christmas we got the Nintendo 25 years ago…everyone wanted a turn and couldn’t get enough of it!  Seriously, having a baby around is just about the best thing there could be 🙂




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