We love when Bompa comes to visit on Wednesdays!  He gets off work between 3-4 pm and then has to wait until 5 before he can go to his next job, so usually he stops in for a little bit to visit with us.

IMG_0239resizedHe told the kids the legend about the “40 Horse Cave” that we drove past on our Sunday drive a few days ago.  Dad was a little foggy on the details, but something about a bunch of outlaws robbed a bank and made off with 40 horses and some gold.  They were close to being caught, when they found the cave on the side of the hill and hid their horses there until they could escape.

IMG_0244resizedOR, it could have been the good guys that hid up there and caught the bad guys….  We might never know for sure!

IMG_0246resizedWe’ve been so lucky that my parents live close and are able to stop in so often.  It seems strange is we ever go longer than a week without seeing them.  Grammy and Bompa’s house is still my kids’ favorite place to go.  If you give Easton and Reese a choice of what they want to do for the day, their house is always at the top of the list!


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