Sunday Drive

Sunday was one of the days that I want to remember in 40 years.  We went to church in the morning, and after some lunch we decided to go for a drive.  We ended up at Wolverine Canyon and made quite a few stops to look at things we passed on the way.




IMG_0106resizedIMG_0118resizedIMG_0114resizedThe road started getting pretty rough for our little car, so we turned another direction and headed to Idaho Falls.  We ended up at the LDS Temple and discovered that the Visitor’s Center is open on Sundays!  I guess we didn’t realize that before now.


IMG_0169resizedWe’re not in focus in this next one, but I love it 🙂

IMG_0192resizedIt was really neat because we saw one of the sister missionaries that had been in our ward and got transferred…she was finishing up the last 10 minutes of her mission, and we were the last ones to see her before she left to return home to Texas!


IMG_0209resizedWe wandered the grounds and took quite a few pictures, then went into the Visitor’s Center and watched a short movie about families that was really good.  It made me cry because it followed a little family growing up and realizing how precious their time together is.  Sounds familiar, right?!  Both of my kids told me later that night that they had a good feeling when they watched it and felt warm all over.

IMG_0195resizedIMG_0206resizedI really encourage taking your family to the Visitor’s Center at the temple…it doesn’t matter if you’re a member of the LDS church or not, you can still go inside with your family and look around.  They have people to show you through if you want, or you can look on your own.  And it doesn’t cost anything 🙂

IMG_0214resizedNow that we know we can visit on Sunday, I’m sure that we’ll be making more trips this summer.  The kids even asked several times when we can go back again.  You just can’t beat that feeling of contentment that you get while you’re there!


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