Zoo Field Trip

Reese’s kindergarten field trip happened to fall on a Tuesday this year, so Joe and I were both able to go with her!  Reese came with her class on the bus, and while we were waiting for them to arrive one of the people on the staff told us that they were expecting 600 kids from different schools that day.  It was PACKED!

IMG_9753resizedAfter the initial chaos of getting the kids through the gates and to their parents that had come, we were able to split up into groups and go through the zoo at our own pace.  We met up with Anna Maria and her mom and aunt, and her cousin Janessa that’s in the same class.




IMG_9783resizedIMG_9867resizedThat poor tortoise really wanted out of there!  All of the animals were acting kind of agitated, and one of the workers told us they get like that when there are a lot of people.



IMG_9850resizedWe met back at the buses to get the kids’ sack lunches they had packed, then sat down with them to have a picnic.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a day at the zoo, the girls caught a ladybug after lunch, and we all had a good time!



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