Holli bought some generic Curlformers from Amazon, and they worked so great for her girls we decided to get some too!  They came in the mail yesterday and Reese and I rushed inside the house to do her hair right away.  Here’s a link to the ones we bought on Amazon…$18.49 with free shipping for 40 of them.  I think I used about 20 in Reese’s hair.

IMG_0073resizedI thought FOR SURE Reese would come out a few minutes after trying to sleep with these things in her hair, because she usually pulls out all of her hair things while she’s sleeping…but she was so excited to have curls she kept them in all night!  They’re made out of seat belt like plastic stuff.  She loved having the curlers in her hair and wanted to be like the dolls, “LalaLoopsie”.

IMG_0055resizedIMG_0061resizedWe took the curlers out and she had beautiful big ringlets.  SO PRETTY!!!

IMG_0065resizedIMG_0068resizedNow, I have to tell you about MY experience using the curlers.  It was AWFUL!!!  I decided to try them out after my shower this morning.  My hair was towel dried and my plan was to leave them in for the day and have gorgeous hair for tonight when I was supposed to do pictures.

It took me 1 hour to put these dang things in my  hair, and I don’t think my scalp will ever recover from all of the tugging of trying to get the hair to come through the tube.  Every one that I put in pulled like crazy, I’m not sure if my hair is too long for them or if my hair wasn’t wet enough… towards the end I started completely drenching my hair with water and using really tiny sections to see if that would help.  This afternoon I tried to lay down on the couch to see if I would have been able to sleep in them, and it was impossible to get comfortable… I have no idea how Reese was able to sleep on them all night.



I ended up leaving them in my hair for about 5 hours.  The curl took better than I thought it would considering how damp most of them still were when I took them out, but then it turned right to frizz.  I probably would have had a little better result if I had left them in for a few more hours, but I ran out of time.  I will NOT EVER be using these curlers in my own hair again, but I really loved them for Reese, and she can’t wait for us to do them in her hair again.

IMG_0076resizedThis last picture is just because I haven’t posted a picture of Easton for a while and I like this one of him 🙂


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