Downtown Dance Recital

Reese has been looking forward to her dance recital all year, and it finally came!  They perform on two nights in a row, and she was equally excited for both of them.


She’s in the kindergarten class taught by Amy and they danced to the song, “Everybody Dance Now”.  It was so cute, and I gave myself heart palpitations from cheering so loud for her 🙂



My mom and her friend Amber came to watch, and Joe was standing behind me taking a video.  I’ll see if I can get that to load too.



Reese had to point out her picture on the way back to the gym…



On the 2nd night Todd and Tammy came with Joe and I to watch her perform.  Easton had gone home with my mom the night before and got to stay two nights out there.  This is a picture of Reese with her friend Ryan that’s in her class.  They had a fun time standing off to the side cheering and taking pictures on the little camera.





We loved watching the other dancers…they are all SO GOOD, and you can see all of the hours they put into practicing.  I had a friend mention to me how cute Reese’s outfit was and that she loved how modest they were.  ME TOO!  We love Downtown Dance and look forward to many more years with them 🙂




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